The Special Spectators Game Day Event – The Stadium Announcement

In two earlier posts, we featured two exciting aspects of every Special Spectators game day event – the tailgate and special access moments. The stadium announcement, however, may be the most moving.

Imagine there’s a break in the action – maybe a time out or it’s halftime. You notice a small group of seriously ill kids walking on the field. Suddenly you hear, “Ladies and Gentlemen please direct your attention to mid-field.” The announcement continues to tell you about the children, why they’re attending the game and a brief description of Special Spectators. Finally, the crowd is asked to welcome the kids to the stadium. These little fans receive the loudest applause of the game – a thunderous roar. A standing ovation from 70, 80, 90 . . . . even 100,000 fans! Looking around the stands, you see tears being wiped away and hear fans yelling words of encouragement.

Here are a few pictures.

Special Spectators at Colorado during a stadium announcement at Folsom Field.

Georgia Tech Special Spectators on the field with “Buzz” and the Yellow Jacket cheerleaders.

Special Spectators at OU acknowledge the ovation from nearly 85,000 Sooner fans.

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